Got shipment on 31st [customs had opened and closed the package, but no problems and no duty]
Cant believe this stuff, Ian.  Took one on the 31st and another on the 1st and the difference is already amazing, simply amazing.  For a 73 year old guy who is pretty fit but who has had colon Cancer [4 abdominal surgeries], an abdominal aneurysm, and taken Glaucoma meds for 35+ years, I had virtually given up hope of being truly responsive and fully capable - I was wrong, wrong, wrong    thanks so much - 2014 started with a bang and is looking very promising  :-)
How do I go about providing a testimonial?
 --Burt N (Canada)


"I gave a friend of mine from Canada who had prostate operation (and did not get hard for 5 years) one of my packs
and he called back from Philippinnes looking for more, how can we help him there or back in Canada?"
--Parry L


"I don't need anything to get or keep an erection but a friend told me to try Karmaga gel for fun and it made the whole experience different and better. I was a convert and began using it for special occasions that became more and more frequent. Not so much for me but certainly for my partner. She could tell the difference immediately. Trouble was Karmaga started giving me a headache and a hot flushed face. A friend told me about Pushin and that he took a tablet the day before a big event without any side effects and that it was totally herbal. I don't believe anything I hear or read about erection drugs, but my friend swore I'd never use anything else if I tried this - so I did.
He was right. Super hard every time and I only take one every three days. Sometimes every two days - but for me that can be too much since I'm sure it makes me much hornier than normal and that puts me out of sync with my partner's libido. I'm a total convert to Pushin.
Cheaper, healthier and much better than Viagra."
--Patrick M Thailand


I used to say "I have no problems in that department" whenever Viagra and Kamagra (Sildenfil) was being discussed.
Finally a pal convinced me to try one and suddenly realized I had been getting only 85% hard. I started using Kamagra (gel)
to make sure I got 100% hard. Sex is much better when super hard and you can go longer.
I have since tried your herbal capsules and now I get super hard everytime. I would also swear my manhood is 10% bigger too!
-- Neil S (Australia)


I am 58yo. Before "Pushin" I could enjoy sex once per day and sometimes only every two days. Now by taking one Pushin capsule a day, I can enjoy sex twice a day (morning & night) if desired. It is like being 18yo again. 
--Paul T


My experience with your product has been interesting. I do like them a bit better than Saturo even though they don't start  working as quickly.

The strange thing about them is they seem to last for quite a long time. I have not taken one for over a week now but it still seems to be working although I can't be positive it is from your product. The first few times I took one it did last for many days but not this long.
--Ken Davidson